most prominent contemporary russian artists

Victor Lyapcalo

Victor Lyapcalo is contemporary Russian artist who is well-known for his admiration of naked women with extravagantly curvy bodies, often in revealing poses. His nudity paintings are easily >

Eugene Titov

Eugene Titov is a 29 y.o. Siberian artist born and raised in a remote little town Ulety in Zabaykalsky Krai. When Titov was a little boy his yet to be recognised talent for fine art drove him to a >

Max Morgunov

Contemporary Russian artist Maksim Morgunov breaks postmodernism boundaries in order to create new post-conceptual art reality defined by globalisation and dramatic clash of various cultures. >

Viktor Pivovarov

Viktor Pivovarov is a contemporary Russian artist. He was one of the founders of Moscow Conceptualis art movement along with with Ilya Kabakov and Erik Bulatov. Following his friend Ilya Kabakov, he >

Grisha Bruskin

Gregory (Grisha) Bruskin is one of the of the best-known living contemporary Russian artists with an international reputation. He gained world fame in 1988 at the first auction of Russian art at >

Oleg Tselkov

Oleg Tselkov is a Russian contemporary artist. In 1960’s he began and still continues the series of art works, with strange surreal faces and rough figures painted in bright colors. In 1977 Tselkov >

Oscar Rabin

O­­scar Rabin is a Russian contemporary artist, one of the leader of Moscow avant-garde group in 1950-1960. He was one of the organizers of the infamous “bulldozer exhibition” that was >

Semen Faibisovich

Semen Faibisovich is one of the most striking contemporary Russian artist who lives and works in Moscow and represents figurative photorealism of the Russian society. Faibisovich painted people on >

Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid

Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid are Russian contemporary artists. Together they started to create the Sots Art movement in 1967. They immigrated to New York in 1978 and worked together till 2000. >
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