ZRIMO Art Foundation was established back in 2013 by a group of philanthropist. ZRIMO’s major purpose is to discover the finest contemporary Russian artists to then promote them globally. For more then 70 years Russia was particularly distant from all global contemporary art movements, which resulted in the lack of essential knowledge on contemporary art to pass it on to new generations. Vast majority of educational institutions in the country are focused on traditional/classical art and therefore we feel it is our mission to change the current state of things and build a global network of similar-minded partners with focus on contemporary art.

Partnership Vision

ZRIMO Art Foundation has the aim to raise awareness of a variety of contemporary arts across Russia and its importance for the country’s economy. We bring new talents on board of our organisation and are eager to share our discoveries with the world. Our experts research, review and select finest artists from across the country and then promote them through an established network of trusted partners and a variety of communication channels. We make sure that all our collaborations are fair and successful. We support artists, protect their intellectual property and are keen to drive revenue through a number of transparent sales on dedicated online platforms.

Zrimo Services

  • Collections’ analysis and management.
  • Collections’ asset value growth through targeted sales.
  • Creative ideas and marketing services.
  • Organisation of art-fairs, workshops and private views.
  • Tailored travel arrangements to visit selected galleries, art-fairs and collections.
  • Global contemporary art business introductions and cross-sale.