Eugene Titov

Eugene Titov is a 29 y.o. Siberian artist born and raised in a remote little town Ulety in Zabaykalsky Krai. When Titov was a little boy his yet to be recognised talent for fine art drove him to a local self-made artist I.A. Tarasov, who taught him to make replicas of the great Russian landscape artists I. Shishkin, F. Vasilyev and A. Kuindzhi. In 2008 Titov graduated from Transbaikal State Pedagogical University for Humanities with a degree in Visual Arts.

For the past three years  Titov created over seventy paintings and graphic works. His experimental approach to realistic landscapes encouraged him to develop new unique compositions and outstanding techniques. At the moment Titov sharpens his skills in conceptual graphics with its complex variety of mediums. Artist’s favorites are acrylics, pastel paints, coal and sanguine. There were solo paintings to start with. Titov was testing himself gradually moving onto creating series of works under certain selected themes. “Working class» is Titov’s first graphic series inspired by artist’s grandfather with “Attractions” being the first work in this series.

“Working Class” series is Titov’s experimental work that was created whilst trying out different ideas, mediums and techniques. Titov tried to implement every taken idea in the way to complete its image showing its true meaning or fundamental symbol. Core compositional aspect of a given symbol is portrait likeness, expressive outline with styled elements or textured features. “Attraction” symbolises family life in rather grotesque and aphoristic way, “Dray” symbolizes burden of male labour and “Tiber harvesting” symbolizes material being of a working class man.

“Port Baykal” graphic series was formed after Titov’s inspirational journey to Baykal Lake. “Port Baykal” shows artistic simplicity aka Japanese style and artist’s expressive graphics. Titov was astonished and taken by the look of an old “ship cemetery” in Baykal Port – piles of aged iron dumped and left to rust. This series demonstrate sharp perspectives, reserved colour palette and deficiency of inessential details – anything that would take attention away from artist’s mission, that is to show harsh lines of old ships. Their frozen, expressive silhouettes, their extreme graphic presentation and dark outlines against the backdrop of ever-changing Baykal water.

Titov’s series «Anatomy of Mechanisms” was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical sketches. Thorough work has been executed selecting suitable photographs, which were taken during artists’ visit to Baykal Port. Titov put together photographs of disposed ships and reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical sketches in a compositionally-plastic merge, what was later turned into complete “Anatomy of Mechanisms” series.  In order to create “da Vinci epoch” atmosphere all the shapes were laid upon dense dark cardboard previously burnt in places and stained by a medium of smudging paints. Meaningful captions acted like official documents enhancing series’ significance.

Every new work by Titov brings different mood and compositional complexity. Artist reveals that certain taken style can limit and enslave creativity and freedom of expression holding it within the boundaries of surrounding reality. He is convinced that an artist ought to interpret experiences that he lived through, felt and contemplated himself through a variety of approaches to artistic implementation. Titov believes that creativity is a result of a thorough and detailed investigation first and foremost.

Dray, Working class series, 2012. 60x80 cm,

Dray, 2012. Working class series.                   60×80 cm, acrylic, pastel, charcoal on paper

Baikal port 2014. Acrylic, pastel, charcoal on paper. 86х61 cm.

Baikal port 2014. Acrylic, pastel, charcoal on paper. 86х61 cm.

Mechanisms's anatomy, 2015.  Mixed media:  cardboard, pastel, plexiglass, screws on fiberboard. 104х71 cm

Mechanisms’s anatomy, 2015.
Mixed media: cardboard, pastel, plexiglass, screws on fiberboard. 104х71 cm