Olga Uskova: Russian Art Collector

Olga started the Foundation in 2013 to study and promotion Russian abstract art, as well as to adapt and integrate into educational activities new methods of creative thinking based on the theory of Russian artist Ely Bielutin, the head of the «New Reality» studio.

Before Olga Uskova got interested in The New Reality artists, she already had in her collection works by Jack Pierson, Nikolay Lapshin, Viktor Pivovarov and Zinaida Serebriakova. The idea of the present collection is a result of her professional activities in the field of IT innovations, she started looking for alternative methods of training managers capable of unconventional thinking and creative decision-making. Artistic and teaching experiments by Bielutin in the middle of the 20th century are extreamly in demand now days and help to develop original creative thinking. His pedagogical and practices heritage make them timely and universally applicable up to the present moment.

Olga started to collect art works of Bielutin and other artist of «New Reality» studio and develop the idea to restore the artist’s historical justice. The Foundation’s collection comprises about 1000 paintings and works on paper, sculptures and installations by artists who were members of Bielutin art studio. Most of the artist formed the main group of the studio and were the active members of  «New Reality» from the beginning or for a long period of time.

The Foundation of Abstract art possesses the numerous collection of works by The New Reality artists group  along with unique archival materials – diaries, memoirs, photographs, which allow to research and restore its history.

In March 2015 Vladislav Zubarev’s personal notes, sketches, drawings and paintings were donated to the Foundation. Zubarev was a member of Bielutin art studio and later created his own studio “Temporal Art”.  The foundation received 18 paintings and sculpture “Doubts of terrorist” by Vladislav Zubarev which came from the collection of the artist’s widow Natalia Goncharuk. According to art experts, the value of the collection should be not less than 300 000 dollars. The majority of works acquired dates by the late 80’s early 90’s.

«New Reality» group’s paintings are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the State Russian Museum in Saint-Petersburg, Centre Pompidou in Paris and other public and private collections.

Ely Bielutin. Requiem, 1962..Oil on canvas, 244 х 410 sm. The State Tretyakov Gallery

Ely Bielutin. Requiem, 1962.Oil on canvas, 244 х 410 sm. The State Tretyakov Gallery

Vladislav Zubarev. Cathedral Revolt, 1999. Abstract Art Foundation.

Vladislav Zubarev. Cathedral Revolt, 1999. Abstract Art Foundation