Inna Bazhenova – Russian art collector and philanthropist

Inna Bazhenova – Russian born art collector, philanthropist, founder of Cultural Foundation In Artibus and owner of The Art Newspaper Russia.

In June 2014 there was an official announcement ceremony held in Tate Britain in London and honouring  Inna Bazhenova – the new owner of The Art Newpaper, which was first published back in 1990 and distributed via its branches across the globe – London, Turin, New York, Paris, Athens, Beijing, and, of course, Moscow.

Bazhenova’s foundation In Artibus is a nonprofit organisation  that is dedicated to research and popularisation of classic and contemporary art. In Artibus manages annual events portfolio, runs regular publications, supports a variety of charitable initiatives – all of that effort is made to unveil true meaning and power of fine arts. In­­­ Artibus purposely expands and reinforces international relations within global art arena, whilst assimilating Russian arts into global cultural context with precise focus on public attention to fundamental issues of fine arts.

Inna is collecting art for about 10 years now, from buying paintings to add finishing touches to interior design of her own house in Moscow to close high-value investment purchases: “There are so many ways to buy amazing art pieces in Moscow”, says Inna – “I got so much into it, the got carried away and now I’m a collector”.

Inna’s favourites are those traditional pieces by such Soviet artists like Pyotr Konchalovsky, Ilya Mashkov and Robert Falk . She also owns over 20 paintings by Roginskii, which were created by the artist behind concrete barrier of the Soviet Union and, remarkably, in France, in different periods of his life.

The Mikhail Roginsky Foundation was created later on in life in January 2014 by Liana Roginskaya – the artist’s widow, and by patron of the arts Inna Bazhenova, with the purpose of preserving and studying the artistic legacy. Foundation aims to search out and catalogue Mikhail Roginsky’s works hidden in both Russian and foreign, private and government collections, and to create an electronic database for their further study, to expose his masterpieces to global art society.

Venice Biennale of Architecture 2014 presented Mikhail Roginsky private view followed by an exhibition called “Beyond the Red door”. Exhibition’s name refers to a well-known work of Mikhail Roginsky – ‘Red Door’ (1965), which is often seen as a landmark work of Russian underground art.

In 2014 In Artibus opened its own exhibition space in Moscow which is dedicated to hosting exhibitional projects in cooperation with museums and other private collections. The first exhibition, that was run in its own art space was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Vladimir Weisberg – another remarkable Russian painter and theoritician of art (1924-1985). Second part of this project dedicated to Moscow school of painting was the one honouring artist Boris Kasatkin with the third part focused on Ilya Mashkov’s art.

Michaill Roginsky "Red door" 1965. Oil on canvas, 160 x 70 sm.

Michail Roginsky “Red door” 1965. Oil on canvas, 160 x 70 sm.

Vladimir Veisberg, "Four pillars with Venus and Tanagra" 1982. Oil on canvas, 55 х 57 sm

Vladimir Veisberg, “Four pillars with Venus and Tanagra” 1982. Oil on canvas, 55 х 57 sm

Boris Kasatkin, "Self-portrait by the window" 2014. Oil on canvas.

Boris Kasatkin, “Self-portrait by the window” 2014. Oil on canvas.