Max Morgunov

Morgunov goes beyond the boundaries of Postmodernism in order to create a new post-conceptual art reality defined by globalisation and a dramatic clash of cultures. Morgunov’s distinctive style reflects the growing Chinese impact on global art movements. His skilful delivery is influenced by the Russian school of academic realism and demonstrates brilliant command of the instruments of the European painting tradition (including brushes, oil paints, and canvas) By mixing these aspects into an expressive art cocktail Maxim Morgunov makes us believe once more that the half-forgotten genre of the landscape has a future.

A student of the Mylnikov art studio and currently professor at the St Petersburg Academy of Arts, Maxim Morgunov mixes the traditional academic Russian school of art with a carefully muted Oriental aesthetic. His experience as a professional artist and teacher enables him to employ the academic techniques of composition and perspective while maintaining the quintessence of the Hsieh-I Chinese painting style, bringing the soul of the painted object to the surface.

Since the 19th century Eastern culture has remained an invigorating source of inspiration for many outstanding artists who have chosen the Avant-garde as a pillar for their creativity and determination to influence the evolution of global art. The oeuvres of Gauguin and Van Gogh, for instance, along with those of other famous French post-Impressionists, were heavily influenced by ancient Japanese approaches to painting. Another good example of Eastern supremacy is the world-renowned 20th-century Avant-garde artist John Cage, whose artwork reveals the philosophy of Zen Buddhism. The modern perception of traditional oriental art has shaped a unique understanding of Western society today

The contemporary art world is particularly attracted to both classical and modern Chinese art, a development which has its explanation in the rapid growth of Chinese authority in the global economy. Paintings by the 32-year-old. Chinese artist Hao Liang, for example, sell for millions of dollars at the world’s most influential auction houses. Morgonov is a bright new star on today’s Russian art scene. His work is based on the idea of marrying the Western and Eastern multinational traditions in order to mark the points of intersection of the multicultural future of global art.

"August", 120x320cm, oil/canvas, Max Morgunov

“August”, 120x320cm, oil/canvas, Max Morgunov

"Winter", 120x320cm, oil/canvas

“Winter”, 120x320cm, oil/canvas, Max Morgunov